Jibraeel Hasan, CEO of Revenue Valve

Getting to know Jibraeel's Skill


Emerging technologies.

Because I administer and oversee our marketing agency, I'm continually working to simplify systems and frameworks used in the advertising space. Older technologies are in use because they can get the job done. However, sometimes they aren't the most effective way for your team to get things done. That's where we come in!

Customer Service/Team Moral

As a past employee of Apple, obsessing over the customer experience and journey was always at the forefront of everything we did. Uprooting the direct issues our clients face and presenting accurate solutions will always be how I and my team conduct business

UX design.

Our aim is to enthusiastically expedite the user experience, rather than create parallel initiatives based on design. We create designs that are aesthetically appealing but also get straight to the point of what the project is created to do. Be that generate leads or sales, we do it all.

Digital branding.

At our core, we believe with the proper branding a business can go far. I specialized in helping startups to mid sized business understand who they truly are, and how to communicate that to their ideal clients.

Marketing Strategy.

Every business needs to understand what their marketing strategy is. Just like your business plan, marketing needs to be factored into this. We create or help fine tune and refine your existing marketing plan.


Sometimes you have the resources and people already, but you need a good pointer in the right direction. I consult for both small businesses and C-Level clients. Needing advice on your current marketing plan to helping fill the holes in your existing plan.


Full-Time CEO of RevenueValve


During this year, I understood not only my clients needed more time from me, but so did my team. I progressively unleashed my talents upon leaving Apple and took the title of full time CEO. Since the start of the agency I've provided visionary leadership in brand development for well-established businesses and businesses under 15 years, taught Sales support teams on topics such as Cognitive Biases and Shifting Client Status Quo and become proficient in building strong relationships with out of state business owners, including international relationships with affiliates who are our brand ambassador. Furthermore I've Designed goal specific Digital marketing strategies with core focuses on inbound marketing and customer retention, acted as a liaison between designers and marketers to ensure full transparency in creating seamless brand content and conducted hiring interviews, for both outsourced and contract based workers

Founding RevenueValve Part time


Landed the job at Apple Computers as a Technician, and subsequently opened the LLC for RevenueValve. Subsequently throughout the years I would have worked with Inventors, Small Shop owners, lamp distribution vendors, process servers, politicians, designers, music artist, community activist and more. I would have also have consulted for Spa's, construction businesses, Construction product vendors, music artist, churches, tech start ups, Martial Arts Schools, and online store owners.

Studying Marketing


During these years I did a lot of studying and understanding on what marketing and branding truly meant to not only a client, but their customer. It was during this time I also Studied at the Art Institute of Wisconsin and built a transfer portfolio for Columbia College Chicago.

Started Freelancing as a WebDesigner


During HighSchool I took extra credit courses and self taught myself coding and design using GIMP. Landed a small amount of clients who needed websites done